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Good Stuff

Back in the SC.
This place really feels like home now. I guess i kinda feel like if you're going to move out west, you really have to make the drive to your new home or else your kinda cheating. Sure i've made the drive to California from the east around 13 times, but never when i was moving there. So it was good to do it. Plus, now that i have a car, it will be much easier to sneak over to a certain someone's back door in the middle of the night. ;)

Now that i am here and slowly becoming a resident, i'm starting to wonder what will be my next project. It's been almost a year since Climber broke up, and i feel the need to start playing again. On a plus side, i've been learning Danny P songs so that i can play out with him every now and again. It's pretty cool, plus it's like getting guitar lessons for free! :) But i still have so much i wanted to do in terms of playing music. I think it might be time to start a band. I've got a pretty nice roster of people to choose from out here. Between my housemates and Dan, shoots, we could start three bands. I've been working on songs, but only half-heartedly. That needs to change, and it will. I'd like to have ten songs ready by the end of the year, so i've got to get busy.

Speaking of getting busy, when i'm off work, i don't know what to do with myself. I'm so used to going 99 mph everyday, when i come back to California Time, i sometimes feel like i'm a lazy bum. I know i'm not, but i can't help feeling like i should be doing something. Of course, this will wear off, before i know it, i'll find some crazy project to throw myself into and before i know it, i'll be complaining that there's not enough hours in the day.

Have you ever just wanted to tell everyone in the world that you know something, but don't, because you don't want to ruin it? I feel that way. I want to say so much, but i know it's better to wait, and just enjoy the ride. Sometimes, taking the long cut is really the best way to get there. I find that i'm smiling much more these days. And that is a wonderful thing.
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