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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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(no subject)

The Arcade Fire - * - Track 03 - * - Funeral

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Sorry still the new girl. But what's behind all the photos. Should I say what I think or is it a long standing thing I don't know about. You look a little glum chum.

in the immortal words of the Digital Underground
"say wha'cha like"

there's no rhyme or reason to the pics
or to pretty much anything i do
they just are

i don't think i was glum that day
i think i was just acting
i usually don't take shots of myself
when i'm upset
i just like to ham it up sometimes
but feel free to comment away
i love ballet
i can take it

you're too cool for school.

I like the colors. nice.

And way too cute. :)

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