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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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(no subject)
i don't even look like me anymore, that's so weird
more o' the same
tonight i was told that i look like a writer, but i'm really not smart enough to be a write, and i can't spell for shit, furthermore, my narratives are loose and generalities are glittering
Pleased to meet me?

Happy New Year, hope everyone is home safe with someone they love.

Death Cab For Cutie - * - The New Year - * - Transatlanticism

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I was :).

Were you? How did you spend your New Years Eve?

Why did you add me? Are you the quiet type hoping to slide by.

Well I guessing you are, or you don't check your computer often. Who knows?

i just added you
i don't remember exactly why

I wasn't trying to be sneaky
I am never sneaky
crafty yes
but sneaky
never ;)

Nice to meet you mr viper. It's the middle of summer and we have been pigging out on strawberries.
Was wondering about the snap shots, Please don't turn into this guy.


Yes he is special and has lovely balls, Feeling the Bowie connection.

The first picture threw me for a loop - if you don't focus very much and sort of look in the general nose direction, your hand becomes a pointy chin and your mouth looks like you own no teeth. Great :)

very inetersting

i wish i had a picture

of me with a pointy chin and no teeth!!

now that would be a hoot!

(Deleted comment)
i like that
60's style
very cool

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