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William Sherman
William Tecumseh Sherman: Widely thought to be
insane by most journalists for hating their
questions, Sherman has been called one of the
first generals to understand modern war. His
theory was that to win the war, the Union must
break the COnfederate's will to fight, as well
as their means to carry on the war. Needless
to say, burning his way across Georgia and
South Carolina did not earn him esteem from his

The phrase "War is Hell" is Sherman's.
He is often considered callous to human loss of
life, though in his mind the quicker the war
could be won, the less lives that would be lost
in the long run.

Which Civil War General are You?
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odd. i did it and got Robert E. Lee...... who is actually a relative of mine. he's like my great great great uncle or something. i didn't even TRY to get him...hmmmm!

Robert E Lee: You are the very image of the gentleman warrior with the soul of a river boat gambler. You place a very high price on honor and personal loyalty. Lee is widely regarded as one of the greatest generals in US history. Personally opposed to slavery, he only joined the Confederate army after Virginia seceded from the Union. Some say that he personally prolonged the war at least two years with his tactical brilliance.

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