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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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(no subject)
A Challenge to my fellow LJ'ers....

Take your Ugliest, most disturbing, most embarrassing self-portraits you can find and then ...
Post Them!!

I dare you.

hot and orange!
Yellow fever
Hello Piggy
Super Emo Gay
Nice hair asshole
Why the fucj are you orange?
Bad hair year??
Dude you're so fat
There is really something wrong with you
What the fuck man?
Duh, wind
Buggin out eye ball guy
Howdy fucker
Drink ass bitch
The best for last, the final and definitive proof that there is seriously something wrong, and on so many levels.

Sparklehorse - * - Piano Fire - * - It's a Wonderful Life

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holy crap you have a long tongue

Love the "mushroom head" photo!
& you look like Micah w/ the "I heart Satan" cap. Now that IS scary!


let's not get crazy!

i wish the mushroom head look

would come back in style

Oh my Elvis, I'm dying. How did I forget about all those different hairstyles? You are slick.

The pouty lip one makes me remember the rest of the bunch from that photo shoot, and how I was so cranky and stressed about school, and your pictures made me literally fall off my chair laughing.

I love you to pieces, freakazoid.

There really is something
not right with me isn't there?

I couldn't find very many self portraits that didn't make look thuper thexy...

But here's an embarrassing drunken party photo...

That's my "Look at me, I'm super-sexy super-frontman Courtney Taylor" look...

Holy Moly...It's impossible for you to take a bad picture!!!
You are not the iciing on the cake, but the damn lit candles that never blow out. : ) wow I needed a laugh.

i'm flaming wax ....

i knew you knew me!! ;)

whoa your tongue hahaha n ice pictures :)

you can have some stupid ones of me


are you claiming "West Coast"
in that last one!


haha of course west side fo life <3

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