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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Peep This
Follow this time line.

Hawaii to Lawrence, Kansas.

11/12/02 depart Hawaii 11:28pm
arrive San Jose 6:40am on 11/13/02
drive to santa cruz.
drive back to San Jose to catch
11:30am Flight to Denver
Arrive in Denver 2:55pm,
change planes,
Depart for Kansas City 3:25pm
Arrive KCI 6:00pm.
Drive to Lawrence, KS.
Arrive in Lawrence at 6:57pm.
Collapse on couch.
Begin to question one's sanity.

Despite this, i had the most pleasant morning i can remember.

A prelude of things to come.

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This mini-tour is five days long, then i fly to STL on the 19th, i'll be there a couple days, then i'm going to try to drive my car out to Santa Cruz, but i'll be coming 70, so maybe we could get together then? I'll keep you posted on the dates as they get closer, also, the TGUK is playing a show in Lawrence in December which i will be at, so thats an option as well:)

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