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(no subject)
yesterday.... in Austin
gghrrr, beware landlubbers
this puts a whole new twist on rock star parking...
rock star parking

Nina Simone - * - Tell It Like It Is - * - The Very Best Of Nina Simone: Sugar In My Bowl (Disc 2)

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Oh Crap!
I didn't even know you were town.

bummer city man
i'll be back in late march i belive
with the band Ash
that should be a hoot

What is Austin like? As always great photos; as if they were alive.

i like Austin a bunch
it's like Santa Cruz,
just without the extreme leftist politics.
people eat meat and carry guns here
and they love live music
it's pretty great
i've thought about moving here many times
but the summers are very, very hot

the photos: the trick is stopping down really far and
then hitting the subject with the flash
so in manual on your camera
set it to -2 (hit function, then in the +-0 section, lower it to -2)
then turn the flash on.

then, and this is the key part
point your camera at the sky
and lightly press and hold the shutter button down
so that the camera takes a light reading but doesn't
take a picture
then, while still holding the shutter half way down
point the camera at your actual subject and fully press the shutter button
it might take a couple tries,
but it works like a charm. ;)

I've only heard good things about Austin; except for the gun part.
As for photography .... wow! I didn't expect you to share your secret.

Thank you & I'll have to practice!

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