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Making Friends

So far, this Hawaii trip has been pretty unfun.
At the show i got attacked by five huge Hawaiian Security guards.
One of Trever's $3000 guitars got smashed,
and everything that could go wrong has.
Still, if i was here on vacation,
with someone i'm quite fond of,
i think i'd be having a ball.
It's very beautiful and all,
but mostly i spend my time
making phone calls and making arrangements,
i haven't even had time to get in the water,
an oversight i plan on correcting today.
Best part so far, i fly out of Hawaii at 11:30pm
get to San Jose at 6:40am,
drive to Santa Cruz ;)
drive back to Santa Jose to catch
a 11:30am flight to
Kansas City to meet up with
the Get Up Kids.

Shoots bra, howzit.

However, despite all of this,
i'm still okay to smile and goof around.
We saw 8Mile last night
and well... i really liked it.
Go Figure.
You're supposed to sleep in on vacation right?
I'm been getting up every day at 6:45am.
This makes no sense,
i think the poles of my internal clock are shifting,
i think i'm becoming a morning person,
this is scarier than all get out.
Don't worry, i'll work on it.
Wow, my cell phone and the hotel room phone just rang at the same time,
it's only 9:15am!!!
okay, i know most of you are thinking 9:15! shit dawg
i've been up forever,
but in the rock world, the day, for the most part
starts at 11:00am, of course,
it goes to 6 in the morn'
so it evens out.
First one up, last one to bed.
That is my job.

(Restricted=Perfect 10)



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