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I can't resist these darn little quizletts

What is your stand on.....

Created by spyndakitrose and taken 15638 times on bzoink!

Abortion?I think that if you're against abortion, you probably shouldn't have one.
Death Penalty?I prefer the penalty box.
Prostitution?It's a market economy.
Alcohol?Red wine has been shown to be good for the heart, and bad for poetry.
Marijuana?God don't make no trash.
Other drugs?As Dave Attell has said, "Aspirin won't bring a hooker back to life, so stop taking it."
Gay marriage?I believe only gay people should marry gay people.
Illegal immigrants?Should get better agents, i would have got them 80% and residuals.
Smoking?Apparently is bad for you or some shit.
Drunk driving?Is not recommended by the Surgeon General.
Cloning?Clone me? Clone you? Clone everybody!
Racism?I'm tired of people hating on Nascar
Premarital sex?I'm against marriage, so i say no sex for anyone!
Religion?I work on Sundays.
The war in Iraq?Stays in Iraq.
Bush?Trim the bottom, leave the top.
Downloading music?ITunes music store is open 24-7, just like 7-11, except in the bad neighborhoods.
The legal drinking age?18. Legal driving age; over 18, under 70
Porn?I don't think my body is photogenic enough for porn...
Suicide?If you gotta go, you gotta go.

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Ayn Rand - * - Atlas Shrugged Unabridged, Volume 3, Part 3 - * - Atlas Shrugged



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