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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
every now and again
it's good to take a team photo
sondre lerche tour 2004
sondre lerche tour 2004 yeah
sondre lerche tour 2004 yeah yeah
sondre lerche tour 2004 yeah yeah yeah

Ashlee Simpson - * - Pieces of Me - * - Pieces of Me - Single

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that guy in the black shirt is super hot =)

Dude. Where did you get that lightning bolt t-shirt??? Must. buy.

the dudes over at Hero merch gave it to me
one of those many tour freebies
i wouldn't even know where
to point you to get one
you can have mine next time
i come through if you want it

nah it's alright. No way you'll ever want to come through here, anyway.

Curiosity -- What is Hero? A band?

That guy in the light blue shirt looks like Sondre Lerche.

I saw that you added me to your friends list. Hello. Nice to meet you.

nice to meet you!

and yes, that is Sondre :)

I am the one in the black shirt, far left

and i am Sondre's tour manager

which is a hoot

SERIOUSLY? I was just kidding around!

Well, as his tour manager, I demand you to have him play in Omaha, Nebraska. I know alot of people would love to see him.....including me.

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