Not Romantic, Fauxmantic (strawberryviper) wrote,
Not Romantic, Fauxmantic

I am a confessed multi-tasker
i know, i know
i shouldn't always try to be doing at least
two things at once
but what can you do

one of my biggest vices
(besides trying to pee and brush
my teeth at the same time)
(don't try this without an electric toothbrush...
trust me)

is taking pictures while i drive

i know i shouldn't, but i can't help it

so here's so snaps from today's drive
Chicago to Minneapolis....
da seeaars tower
we are so fucking lost, okay no we aren't
wow, buildings
wow, even more buildings
look kids, Big Ben, Parliment
very grainy this one, the 400 ISO setting on my camera is fucking worthless
look kids, it's a plane! no it's not, it's just the sky
stop sign
we stopped for gas
goodbye gas station! we left you some pee!!
i'm so hungry i could eat at Arby's
hey, there go the sun
that guy in the van was so going the other way on the highway
and then, as the sun goes down, everything gets blurry and we start to speed head long into the twin cities

wow, that was a lot of blurry pictures...

i need a new shtick

Bill Bryson - * - A Short History of Nearly Everything (Unabridged), Part 3
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