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(no subject)
Meet Jon Yeager
The Golden Republic's tour manager
snap snap cracky
Took this snap today in Chicago on
Milwaukee at Damon

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I like this picture lots.
And not simply because he is insanely hot.

well thanks you

and i'll pass along the compliment ;)

We'll see you Fri night! We've got the 6-11 babysitter [we're so lame!] Fine Line, right? The Crimea is not on the bill on the Fine Line web site... What time would you guess they take the stage?


The band i'm with is actually Sondre Lerche
i hope you get to see as much of him as possible because he rules!!

Mmm, Golden Republic.
What does a tour manager do, besides take pictures of everything ?

...i surf the internet sometimes

That's CD insert material. Very nice Joey.

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