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sound check, is one of my favorite times of the day, because when you're on tour with someone who is as just plain good as Sondre, watching soundcheck everyday is such a treat, like a daily private concert, but when you're on tour with a band that is not so good, or worse annoying, sound check is the one time of day when you know where all members of the band will be, and then you can arrange to be somewhere else...

Burt Bacharach - * - I'll Never Fall In Love Again - * - Make It Easy On Yourself

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He looks so much like my Norwegian coworker Morten, who taught me to correctly say Sondre's name, various cuss words, and ammonia in Norwegian. I wish Morten could sing like him though.

i'm out on tour
in a mini-van
with two Norwegians
who speak better english
better than i do...

man i need to go back to school

They can probably shoot a gun better than you. I think all Norwegian men have to serve in the armed forces, but lucky for Norway, no one hates them.

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