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the worst day ever


the worst thing ever happened today
my bag was stolen

for those of you that know me, i don't even have to begin to say how devastating this is. for those of your that don't, how can i explain... basically, i'm a tourist. i'm always on tour, even when i'm home, and my bag is like an oxygen tank for a scuba diver, i need it to live. The fucking worst thing of all is a think i know who took it, i mean i don't know this person, but i have a visual image of this person walking away very quickly and carrying a bag and fuck, it has to be her! A FUCKING GIRL!!!!! of all things, a girl stole my bag off the fucking stage at the gothic theatre in denver. i can see her so clearly in my head. about 5-7, dark hair, short and messy, indie/punk looking black rim style girl glasses, pale skin, skirt (catholic school girl type), and she had a friend with her who had a sort of the girls softball type of look going on. i took a load of stuff out to the bus, my bag was onstage, when i came back, this girl was walking out quickly, i didn't think anything of it, but when i got inside my bag was gone. everyone who was around when i left was still right where they had been, she was the only variable. fuck. i had my passport, my checkbook, all my cool pens, and most importantly, three sketch books. fuck! if anyone lives in denver and might know something about this, the bag was a dark green courier style bag with "washington university school of social work" on the front flap in red letters. i will pay large sums of money for the return of said bag with contents in tact. no questions asked, i just want my stuff back. fuck.



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