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(no subject)
Meet Sondre Lerche
This is who i'm on tour with right now.
If you've never hit me up for guest list
now is the time
this kid has got the goods
he's a crooner

Smoking Popes - * - You Spoke To Me - * - Destination Failure

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aw poo, i was gonna hit you up for chicago but it's the same night as the weakerthans :(

Where are you now?
Have I missed you in NY?

i did miss you!

i was so busy it was unreal

but i'll be back in the apple

soon enough and we'll

get some hang time

Ooo, thank you for the link! Slims in SF November 30? That's a Tuesday. Hmmm.

oooh, can we be on the guestlist when you come through the FineLine? :) It will be cool to see you again!

you'll be on there

no worries ;)

I may possibly make it to the Clevo show...

::thinks:: december 1st... the troubador is just down sunset, i believe.

this might be the one show
where i can't get you on the list
i won't be there for that show :(

Joey, did you get my email regarding this?

got it, just make sure you remind me closer to the date

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