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There Will Be No Meal On This Flight

San Jose Airport,
wireless internet,
airport card,

On my way to Hawaii, a first for me, not to bad for a midwestern boy of questionable breeding. I'm at the airport a full two and half-hours before my flight (thanks for the ride ST) time to do a little web surfing, anyone have any fun links? send them my way; I haven't really been putting the usual amount of time towards finding pointless sites with little to no apparent value. Give a brother a hook-up will'ya.

It's still raining in the 'Cruz, a perfect day for movies and couch sitting. Normally when I leave for a tour, it's like a forty-yard dash, I’m sprinting. But today, I have to admit, it's more like Velcro, you gotta go quick, but there's the pleasant tug of resistance that reminds you of where you want to return too.

I like flying, I like airports, and since I’m in them fairly often this all works out pretty well. I like the business travelers the best. I always try to sit near them, especially the guys in there 40's - 50's, the real road dogs who have been mobile and wireless for ages. They all raise their eyebrows at my Mac, but we always seem to get along in the end. I like to watch them read the business section, devouring all the numbers, looking for chinks in the armor where they can exploit a weakness in the system and cash in. I always feel like I should be doing more, like I should have stocks and bonds, hell, just having a portfolio would be a step. I just opened my first savings account of my adult life, got a whole 25 bucks in there just waiting for a rainy day. Sometimes I wonder what the heck I’m doing in this life. I don't even have a resume, I get jobs on my reputation, which is nice, but it's hard to explain to someone in the real world that I do in fact have a real job. I'm struggling, with growing up. I'm trying to find the balance between making good choices and still maintaining that sense of boyish abandon that is very much a part of who I am. I used to see it in black and white terms... you had to be one or the other, but that's changing. How silly of me to try to put things in such neat boxes, life is messy, wonderful and complex. You have to embrace this, and then let it go. I have issues, but I’m working on them.

Just a side note, the battery in my iBook doesn't last for shit.

For all the St Louie folks in the house, I’ll be back in the river city on Nov 19th, so place your bets and clear your bar tabs, cause Jo-Jo's coming to town. Speaking of which, anyone from St Louis got some room in their basement where I could store some stuff? Right now I’ve got a Storage Locker, but it's expensive, so I’d be willing to kick down some money, but I just want to get out of that place. Let me know. Speaking of getting out of the 314, I just found out my grandmother is selling her house and moving to Wisconsin!!! Holy shit balls! I'm so proud of her, finally doing something that she really wants to do and not doing what everyone else thinks she should do. You gotta watch out for that Nana, she's a firecracker!

There's so much I want to talk about,
but I won't,
sometimes it's better to wait,
and just enjoy the view.



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