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Laundry Day
did a truckload of laundry today, it's sad a bit, it means that i'm leaving soon.  I hate to go on tour and leave dirty clothes at home.  It's weird, i also hate coming home with a suitcase filled with dirty clothes, but, oddly, i have no problem leaving for tour with trunk load of dirty skivvies... i'm a weirdo

George W. Bush, John F. Kerry - * - 2004 First Presidential Debate: Bush vs. Kerry (9/30/04)

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laundry, thanks for reminding me. gotta do mine.
anyways i wanted to tell you, my friends and i watched the first debate and made a drinking game out of it. basically drink whenever "homeland security", "terrorists","terrorism", or "al qaida" is mentioned. lets just say bush didnt keep a sober evening. hope alls well fella

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