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I have an idea for a new show, on Bravo or something like that, it might also work right before Adult Swim or something like that, but basically it would be called Your Daily Pilot and everyday it would be a new pilot. It could be rejected ones, or new one's from other networks, they could have a 70's week, whatever. There are thousands of pilots out there that have never been seen outside of a pitch meeting; most are awful, but that would be half the fun. The other part is where it gets interesting, viewers could comment, via a text box at the bottom of the screen in real time, sorta like a Mystery Science Theatre kinda of vibe, or they could even go ahead and have real guest comics do live voice overs in addition to the text box. I think it would be a hoot, then again, I'm kinda just not right.

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Haha, I think it's a great idea. If mine never gets picked up, at least I know it will appear somewhere!

we should pitch this show together!

what a hoot

we could be LA Style High Rollers

Do lunch and take meetings

Look out casting couchs

Here we come!!

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