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(no subject)
Okay, the plane tickets have been purchased, i will, in fact, be going back on tour. I'll be be out from 10-5-04 thru about 11-25-04. I'll be doing two weeks (and CMJ) with The Crimea and then about a month with Sondre Lerche, so perhaps i will see you all out there... on the road ;)

The Crimea - * - Howling At The Moon Won't Make It Better - * - Tragedy Rocks

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ohhhh looks like you'll be in clevo the 29th halloween weekend...get ahold of me so you can come to a killer party after the show!

You do know that I am close to both Philly and NYC, right?
We need to hang.

hmm, us hang

i think that's an affirmative Houston

Yes most definitely. We will have a blast!
Let me know when it is you're actually leaving and I will email you my number. No joke, let's hang.

(Deleted comment)
woot woot

sober up
just long enough
to tie one on!!!

Yeah, yeah. Maybe Asia and I will visit ya on the 13th, holla.

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