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(no subject)
I'm finally in town for an EARTHQUAKE and i sleep right through it... though i swear i felt it! I totally remember thinking, "man, the p-street folk are walking heavy today" because my bed was totally shaking (iKea loft bed, very flimsy). Anyway, i'm saying i felt it.

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i didn't feel a damn thing.
and i was just sittin around readin the paper.

Couldn't feel it up here :(

cool. I've never felt one in my life. I dont think I would be scared. I think. I've had worst dreams of collapsing building and the illusion of me experiencing it all from the inside. It has climbed up to the top of my fears list.

it was actually funny
i thought my roommates were
late for work and running
up and down the stairs!!

no reason to be scared of earthquakes
if it's going to happen
it's going to happen
i'm more scared of being trapped
in a room with never ending
Full House reruns....
that would be pure hell!!

LOL! wow. I haven't thought about that show in a long time. Anyways. I guess I will never actually experience one either. I experience enough hurricanes to make up for it.

HEY. OMG. I love The Postal Service album. Have you heard it. Its sweet!! +__+

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