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(no subject)
Three Speed Booking update:

Yesterday i added another client, the wonderful Lux Courageous !!
They are one of the fews bands i've heard lately that seem to understand
that songwriting is one of those things that's kinda important if
you're going to be in a band.
Take a listen to the here at PureVolume

Lux Courageous - * - Halos - * - demo

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Hmm, I like what I heard.
Maybe I shall go see them play on 9/25.

yes you should!!

it would be nice to have a third party opinion

about their live show ;)

I think I'll try to head up there to it.

hey give me a call please i know your buisy but i dont hasve internet right now , and i lost your number b/c my phone sort crapped out , but i have the same number , 954 701 6875

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