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These Are Things I Have Posted

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Will this be on the test?
Major Victory: Today at the flea market I found an amazing lamp for my room, it's about five feet tall, and it has a weird tray type thing that has red rocks glued in it. Price... eight bucks. Yes. Also, picked up a couple paperbacks for pennies on the dollar, which is nice. The flea market is held every weekend in the parking lot of the drive-in movie theatre. It's really pretty cool, you polish up your hagglin' skills and get more crap for ten bucks then you could ever imagine.

It's been a pretty laid back week, it's Sunday and I didn't watch any football, but I didn't even miss it. Some people can have that effect on you, when you're with them; everything else just seems like a waste of time.

This week will be dedicated to finishing up the pre-production for the next F2F leg. I leave on the 8th, and I will miss Santa Cruz and everyone here immensely. But, I’ll only be gone for a couple weeks, and that's nothing.

I'm learning how to use PowerPoint, I’m making slide shows which I’ll put on VHS tapes, mostly for family back home, but I might be talked into making a couple fun ones for anyone who wants one.

Time for the Soprano's.