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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
For my birthday dinner last night
we ate at the HQ (AKA: The HindQuarter)
i got the all you can eat ribs

sean snapped this pic
it's me opening Emily's present
oh snap, DVD's
She knows me,
after all, check the list of dvd's she got me:
The Bad News Bears
Better Off Dead
& Headwig

that lady rulez

Jay-Z - * - Lucifer - * - The Black Album

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Better Off Dead. Sweet. How's Hedwig? I've had it on my Netflix queue forever but it keeps getting bumped back...

can you believe i haven't seen it?!?!

i'll watch it tonight and let you know

I've seen and loved harvey, hedwig and better off dead, but whats the bad news bears?

holy shit!

greatest drunken sports movie of all time

rent it tonight

Not tonight I dont have monye but i will.

Sounds like you had a fun one :) *birthday hugs*

i did!!

my friends are the best

really, they utterly rock

my vegan friends went to a steakhouse

for my birthday dinner

how rad is that!!

Very cool deary glad you had a good time

better off dead is a great flick. i love john cusack, and that's one of my favorites of his.
my favorite cusack movie is high fidelity though. you've seen it, right?

and happy birthday, joey.

i have seen it

and it's a lovely movie

the book is great too!!!

What, no birthday cake disaster.

no birthday cake...

instead i got

all you can eat ribs!!!

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