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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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The Birth Day
Today Emily and i
trekked out to the Gilroy Outlet malls
and boy howdy
did we get our shop on!
(and our eat on too,
we had lunch at the In and Out burger!!)

There was no sale left unturned
and the loot filled the trunk!
okay, not really
but we had lots of bags o' stuff.

I got a fossil watch
a pair of Calvin Klein jeans
a sweater from the Gap
red Puma shows
a belt from the Levi's store
and the best thing of all
a super cool black leather
motorcycle jacket


now it's time for the drinking...

Broken Social Scene - * - Cause = Time - * - You Forgot It In People

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i'm going down to santa cruz in a couple of weeks to visit some old friends. i want to go on the big wooden roller coaster ride.

that should be a hoot!

i love the big dipper!!

Sounds like a super day! Sorry I missed you for dinner & drinking.

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