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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
Today is my birthday.

I am now 29.

That is all.

Lucero - * - That Much Further West - * - That Much Further West

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Happy Birthday, dawg!

Hey Joey, this is Gideon. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

happy birthday joey c. mine was on the 18th. i am now 28. that is all.

xoxo, aly

Thanks Lady!!

i hope all is well!!

(Deleted comment)
this is new_thesaurus by the way

Happy BDAY...mine will be the 25th and I'll be 28.

we're old....

Happy birthday to you in advance!

happy birthday joey! and goddman does lucero rule

don't they!!

i play their record over and over

it reminds me of the mid-west...

but without the humidity!


it's been a great day so far

and tonight should be more of the same!!

I hope you enjoy your birthday, the one day of the year when it is completely justified to mooch off all your friends and remind all the people that owe you money about paying you back. And, you can get really really drunk and no one says a word. Happy birthday :]

thanks lady

i had a hoot of a day!

Thank YOU!!!


man that's one year to 30

and 30 is almost 35

and 35 is only "15 to 50".....

holy shit that's sad

Hahaha. Don't feel bad, I turned 31 this year so I am way closer to 35 than you are!!

I missed my birthday spanking from you!!

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