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Flash Photography Is Not Permitted In The Bar

Once again, it's Friday, or at this point, it was Friday.

Do you know what a bummer wet jeans can be when you wake up in the morning operating under the impression that your laundry was in fact, dry?

Target, Watsonville- shopping at Target, now that's a hot Friday afternoon. My Target snack shop order, same as always, a diet coke and a pretzel, solid. When you’re with the right person, Target is so much more than a one-stop shop.

For those of you on the left coast, I highly recommend the Red Room (bar); it's the perfect place to start a Friday evening, not to mention the Planet Fresh burritos that are next door, yum.

I picked up a Mattel Classic Football 2 game at Target for 7 bucks!! Talk about a score. I say to you all, bring it, cause you're gonna get schooled. I also bought a hammer, how very homey of me.

This next line is code: I've got a thing, the clearance rack is calling. Let’s go!!!!

Beef? Yes. With whom? Sprint. My cell phone has been turned off. Interesting, since on the sprint website under my account it says my bill is paid. Even more odd, they amount due on the website is different from the one on my bill which is also different from the one you get when you call Claire, the Sprint PCS virtual representative, I can't wait to fire these bozos, they belong on fuckedcompany.

I need to see the new Jackass movie; my brother called me today and raved about it, for a half hour.

I went to a birthday party and the T & A house, that's Tiffany and Anita! Get your mind out of the gutter!:) I whuped it up on Mattel football and I tweaked B's computer. Watched some bjork videos, that was cool.

Now I’m super hungry, it's 3:14 in the morning, and it's cold, chilly, nipple if you will, and I can't bring myself to eat at Denny’s,
so instead,
I’m going to bed,
with thoughts of the west side in my head :)



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