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(no subject)
we have a room for rent at the house i live in
we live in santa cruz
my housemate posted the listing on craigslist
and man, are the responses flying in
here's one of the better ones....
remember, this is the norm for santa cruz....


I am a 31 professional woman/artist/singer-songwriter/dancer/hiker/nature
lover, focusing most of my energy on my various career endeavors, but
constantly tempted by my other artistic, social and outdoor passions.

 I am looking for a peaceful home where I will be able to relax and focus. I
have mature and developed communication skills, am super healthy (I exercise
regularly and eat mostly organic) and I like to process conflicts right when
they come up, rather than letting them build resentment over time. I really
appreciate hearing concerns and checking in regularly to make sure no one's
toes are getting stepped on! Currently I am living with the "let it build up
and then blow up" system of conflict resolution and I really can't handle
that at all. I'm pretty sensitive and also a  good listener.

I am pretty clean and I have a regular spiritual practice of meditation and
yoga. I sometimes write music in the mornings around 9:30 or 10 but I'm not
spending so much time on that right now, as I mentioned earlier- I am
spending so much time building a new career. (I am currently an Artist's
agent and massage therapist but going into real estate)

I get easily sucked in to the tv, so I'm hoping if there is one, it might be
strategically placed away from the kitchen/my room so I can keep my
concentration. I do some work from home and some out and about.

I have some chemical sensitivities to laundry detergents etc. sometimes, so
hoping for either a W/D that is in a seperate room, or  roommates who use
the all-natural kind.

Please give me a call or an email if you think I might sound like a good

Talk to you soon!

Robert Siegel, Michele Norris, Melissa Block, Steve Inskeep - * - All Things Considered, 08-15-2004

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Are you going to reply with a ::BURP::?

we've found that it's best to just not reply

it's better not to encourage them...

they know where we live!!

Way to attack that problem head-on, just the way she likes.

i call this our;

"Studied Indifference" method

it works well on hippies!

I'm going with the obvious and saying,
Only in Santa Cruz.

wow...i want to say that maybe she thought she was responding to a singles ad.. but if that's the norm for santa cruz then.. damn.

my favorite is the all natural laundry detergent...


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