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(no subject)
give me some money
For those who live in Santa Cruz
(or want to drive here)
Friday Aug 20th
Eddie Money
so money
is playing a free show
@ the Santa Cruz Boardwalk
and P-Street is having a
"Pre-Money Party"
All day until the show!!!
sweet money shot
P-Street is located at
214 Plymouth St
Santa Cruz, CA
at the corner of Plymouth and Grant
so come on by
we'll have the grill hot and the beer cold
and then head down on bikes to the boardwalk
for the 8:30pm Money show!!
(just one more Money-shot)
c u there!

New Order - * - Blue Monday - * - Substance 1987 (Disc 1)

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I think he was there last year when i was there...

i dont even know who he is, I know i must be lame.

man! i would so go! have a cool one for me!

i was singing him in the shower the other day.

in the first picture, he looks like dave coulier from "full house" fame.


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