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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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AVP (at least there's a pyramid in it)
Saw AVP last night
it ruled
but only in the way
Bro Mike thinks that
Terminator 2 is the best movie
ever made
i mean it
he thinks it's the best movie
in the history of movies
"Citizen Kane sucks,
it's black and white
and i was an hour into it
and nothing
had blown up... lame." -The Brother Mike

The Crimea - * - The Great Unknown - * - Tragedy Rocks

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Brother Mike rules. Even in his wrongness.

I liked AVP. I had advanced screening passes and the split up everyone into the Aliens/Predator categories (really un-cool) just so that they can have this crappy contest about how was going to win. I was so focused on trying to make the aliens win, that in the end, I missed the most important part. Those of you who have seen it know the very last part. I think that was really stupid of me. I should've told them to please "rewind".

This time I wasn't the only one making noise in the theatre! Ha, ha!
The dialog was comical.
Thank you for sharing your popcorn!

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