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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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(no subject)
it's been a day or two since i've had a good update
okay, it's been quite awhile
i've been working
on booking shows
and getting my Mason degrees finished
but i've also been doing a good dose of nothing
i needed that
i still do
it's taking longer than i thought to come out of orbit so to speak
i've been away, both literally and figuratively for some time
i still need some time to just be:
in one place, alone sometimes, and with friends too
i'm starting to feel it
that little whisper
the soft voice that has always been in the back of my head
pushing me to do more
be more
to forever try new things

the voice has been quiet
for a month or so
but yesterday
it spoke up

10 of us went kayaking
on the Elkhorn slough
(and we had a freakin blast!!)
and it just hit me
that i can make this work
i just have to figure out the "this" part

as in all things
i'm never exactly sure what it is
i am on this earth to do
i don't think i was put on this earth
to just write email and eat burritos
i find myself looking up schools online
Just window shopping
but i think i have the urge again...

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The urge to do something is always better than the urge to sit and eat salsa, just plain salsa. That's what I do. There is change in the air.

there needs to be some change in my underware
man i stink
i'm at Slim's in San Fran
at the MU330 show
i should not be in public
you know,
Clean Air Laws and all

Salsa is the forgotten food group

Just don't be skankin in those skivvies. BAD NEWS BEARS !
Why am I not there ? I'm going to Santa Cruz, of all places.

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