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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
Taco Bravo!

Denali - * - French Mistake - * - Denali

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(Deleted comment)
yup, i should have mentioned that this photo is staged

what you see is merely spilled salsa

(Deleted comment)
as per normal

this is shannon being shannon

someone spills salsa

she pretends she's puking

that's our girl

don't worry

it's just spilled salsa ;)

it is tasty!!
it's spilled salsa
from Taco Bravo

in a word.



i just had some today.
i just ingested it, i didn't pretend it was vomit or anything.
but this looks like a good gag. perhaps i will pull this on my friends. :)

thanks for the grrrreat idea.

the are Dan (vocals/guitar) and Shannon (vocals/bass) from "Electrodan" http://mu330.com/danpotthast/frameset.htm and the best part is, it's not puke!! dan spilled his salsa from Taco Bravo and Shannon yelled out take my picture and pretended to puke! That's just how we roll in my hood ;)

downright! :) it would've been funnier if it was real puke. XD

HEHE! I think that looks pretty awesome...by the way you can see the salsa bottle on the side of the pic...anyways, this is new_thesaurus a.k.a. becky :)
Damn thing wont let me post.

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