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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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non-biological brothers
we kinda look alike?

Rilo Kiley - * - Paint's Peeling - * - The Execution Of All Things

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hhaha kinda.
what have you been doing with yourself lately mister?

PS I'm looking into buying a better digicam. youre a photo man, help me! I posted an entry about it before, reply to it.

Kinda? Dude! That's you in like 20 years...only you'll probably bathe and have less greasey hair.

Wow. & what she said!

it may sound crazy
but i am actually
older than is his!!
by about 3 years!!

NO freaking way! We look good for our age!!!!! Either that or he looks kinda haggard for his age....I'm gonna go with the "We look good" theory! (We are about the same age....not sure you knew that...I'm 5/20/75)

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