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If You're Feeling Sinister...

I think I have found the best costume ever, at least the best ever in the personal joey costume history. My costume is a bit of a puzzle, it goes like this. Part one: a martial arts uniform (complete with yellow belt, thanks goodwill), part two: a squeeze toy from Petsmart in the shape of a big steak, huge steak! Which I’m turning into a necklace. Put these all together, now,
Can you guess what I am? ... I'm a karate chop. Get it? Yes, I’m a nerd.

Today was the best morning I’ve ever spent in Santa Cruz.

I just installed the ram I ordered last week. Hells bells, it's like I have a whole new computer. Everything is finally working like it's supposed to. Finally I’m getting to see a little of that Cupertino Campus Magic right here on my lap (top).

I'm feeling a bit smitten.

Tonight is Danny P's last night in town before he heads across the pond for a solo tour of England. He just got his new album today "Sweets and Meats" which is on Asian Man records and I was honored to see that a song he wrote about me (Tornado Joe) is on the record. So I’m trying to drag Dan out for a night on the town, but he is far from packed and it's not looking like he'll be ready anytime soon, but I bet I can still get him out of the house.

She was into S&M and Bible studies, not everyone's cup of tea, she would admit to me.

So it's Halloween tomorrow. Last year I was on tour I think, I don't really remember. I'm looking forward to dressing up, getting shit-necked and just breathing in as much SC air as I can. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet up later in the evening and get in some mischief.



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