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(no subject)
it's weird
getting used to civilian time
i don't know what to do with myself
i feel like i should be working all the time

i mean
i am unemployed
i don't have an actual job
i'm not freaking out at this point
i just need to learn
how to manage
my time better
so that i can learn to relax
that would be a major victory

i probably shouldn't spend
as much time as i do
on my computer
once i get my room/office
in order
i think my laptop
will live there and only
come out on rare occasions

so i guess i am
trying to get
off the road
maybe not forever
but i know,
in the back of my mind
that i need
at least 3 or 4 months
in one place

i feel like i'm a vistor
in my own life
i've been living
for other people's dreams
for so long that i have no
to mine anymore
in some selfish way
i need to live for me
for awhile
even if that means
being a fry cook
and just watching tv
on a friday night

of course
that's not really me either
but that's the idea

maybe i need a time clock
so i can punch in and
keep track of my time
i could fine myself for being
late to work
i could call in and quit
then come in anyway

this is going
to take some
getting used to
but i need it

i need some getting used to

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i wish i could trade places w/ you, hit the road and leave the 9 to 5 behind me for a bit.
i could seriously use a vacation from "real life" for a while.

The freedom of not having a job is great, have fun Joey <3

You should try writing.
You have a unique & powerful way with words; thoughts on paper.

I can imagine how strange/awkward it must be when living "off-road".

Again sorry I missed you last night!
Call me anytime if you need company or acitivity.

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