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I have a day off in NYC tomorrow... and i've decided to actually take the day and go do touristy stuff (which i never do, even when i'm on vacation) so i'm wondering; If you had a day in NYC, what three things would you do?

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Earling morning coffe in Washington Sq. Park while waiting for McSorleys to open (they open at 11:30). Spend much of the day in McSorleys. At 4, head a few blocks to Sidewalk Cafe for 2-4-1 happy hour and cute punk rock waitresses. Then of to Bar A for hot foul mouthed tough girl bartenders. Then to Lit for some dancing. (If you call ahead and shmooze and say you're with some band and they'll be coming at a certain time, you can have the coveted BACK ROOM!!! It's filled with leather couches and $10,000 hand cast H.R. Giger tables.)

Oh wait... you said tourist... Get your Characature drawn in Central park before going to Sidewalk... er something...

I went over 3 things.

man, would have come to meet you and take you alllll over!

i don't think i could ever pick 3 things to do in nyc. i love just walking around and randomly seeing/finding interesting things. although, if you want to get 100% touristy, yeah, then the empire state building is the way to go. also, today is gorgeous, so some time in central park is a must....or the ny botanical garden, if you like that sort of stuff. times square...

there's just so much. in fact, there is an exhibition that i wanted to go to at the international center of photography. i bet you might like that.

ha. sorry. today is such a perfect day to be in the city.
enjoy it! how long are you there for?

Little italy so i could hit up the paul frank store and eat some amazing pasta....
Barcode in times square...great bar fun games
and lastly central park...i didnt see it last time i went...so i missed out

go to the frick. (or the guggenheim)(I'd say moma, but i think only the queens branch is open. I haven't been to nyc in at least 8 months, though.)
go to the central park zoo.
ride the bus out to serendipity for deserts in lieu of lunch.

or go to washington square park to eat lots of pizza and play in the park.

i was just there a few weeks ago!

take a walk through central park and the upper west side.
go to some random pizza or bagel shop and eat pizza or bagels.
walk through washington square or east village and play spot the hipster.

p.s. how did i end up on your friends list? :p

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