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A Moral Issue
If your parents were absolute shit growing up,

are you obligated to take care of them when they are

older and drunk and asking you to Western Union them money?

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(Deleted comment)
good point.

perhaps i can just set up

a weekly tab

at the bar

no, they are adults. if they weren't willing to respect you growing up you are not obligated to respect them in return.

You are absolutely not obligated to.
You should be true to yourself
and do what is in your heart.
If helping her out feels right, do it.
If it doesn't, don't.

I love you to pieces.

depends. if they are going to go buy beer with it then no. if they are paying for medicine or food then yes. but dont make it habbit.

Oh, deary me. I do believe I see you at shows quite often. And have seen your pictures. And am always too much of a nerd to say hello. Well, damn. Hello via the internet.

May I add you?

Side note: Even at my age, I know I will most certainly not support my father in his elder years. He didn't support me, why should I support him? Just because they're 'parents' does not make their 'child' obligated to anything.

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