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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Today was a good day
Today Emily and Mia came up to the show in san jose
and we got to hang out for a few short but wonderful hours
it's amazing how much those two give energy and meaning
to my life, in fact, the are family to me, and anyone who knows me
knows that that is some serious business. i can't wait to get home
from this tour and spend some fun summer time doing everything
and nothing with those two, it'll be a hoot
and even though i don't have another tour lined up
i'm not worried like i would normally worry
for some reason, i think for once things will just be okay
and that is pretty cool.
now, i have to run for the bathroom
Taco Bravo is working it's magic!!!

Wilco - * - How To Fight Lonliness - * - Summer Teeth

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haha taco bravo definitely works magic....

yup, 30 minutes or less to complete
digestive breakdown....

speaking of which...

Taco Bravo = the greatest thing in Campbell. At least ... I hope that's what you were refering to.

Cambell's finest! I love the Bravo.

Before i moved to the Cruz

i used to have dreams about the Bravo.

it's true.

(Deleted comment)
wawa's good, but we gots the In and Out burger!

sounds cool...i was almost gonna see you tonite...but it somehow got messed up...

bummer lady.

are you in the CA?

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