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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Welcome to our Bus
Finally, a bus that's worth the unreal price we pay per day for it!

We had an 11am pickup... we didn't leave until almost 1pm
come pick me up

This is Matt's midget Lily
matt's midget

Nose Up
nose over tail

The sexy side
sweet side

This is where Wally, our driver sits
wally's world

The Front Lounge
movie time bitch

Our microwave makes a noise that sounds like whales mating

Here's a photo of our trick ass latrine
the head

And here's me, out of focus, as per always
the snapper

okay, more snaps to come later

Elvis Costello - * - (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes - * - My Aim is True

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it's a sweet ride
and when you're doing
40 shows in 46 days
it's nice to have
a cool place to crash

no shit!
I wish I was a rock star.

I did notice this was a pretty intense stint. I hope they're paying you big, Joey!

aww matts daughter is the coolest. her parents dress her well haha

it must be so exciting going on tour, i hope i go see you guys in jersey

life on the road
a bunch of modern day
pirates are we
just without all the killin'
and plunderin'

the 1st pik is in front of ryans house right? looks dope cant wait to see u niggs

That bus rocks. As do all your photos.

And this may be silly, but I feel a thousand times cooler just for having met you.

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