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We are Tuesday People

Slept in today.
When i'm off work, i'm really off work, but i've been getting up everyday at 8:45am anyway.
I'm not really sure why, i need to relax more.
I guess i'm just ready to go, i'm not getting any younger, and i'm finally doing something that i'm sort of good at, shoots, there are mountains to climb and i'm in bed.
But on the other hand, i've been at the office for about seven months straight, so that must equal a pretty big weekend off right?
I guess i could clean my room, write a little, go over to Dan's and play guitar, basically killing time.
I have so much to do, but the dealines are all self imposed, so it's easy to get stalled.
On an up note, it's tuesday, which means soon it will be tuesday evening,
which is a good thing;)
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