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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
Our bus just rolled up
and for once
it's a pimp ass bus

color me stoked

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I want a tour of the bus Sat 5/22.

nice one, joey!
have fun!

Bus photo please. SUPER SIZE ME!

hells yea , hows things goin wanna see you guys soon and hang more nigga

hey kid. i think i wanna go see you guys in holmdel nj. ill tell my dad today and maybe hell pay for me haha. oh how i love being underage and living home.

do you know if it's sold out yet?

sounds coooollll...wendy and i will wanna see it next week in clevo....my tailbone is healed now by the way.

Your tailbone is better

that could be trouble lady!!

hey joey,

this is rick johnson the lame guy that dan was touring with last month.....i just stumbled across your journal and wanted to say thanks for "pantherizing me" i used the ichat av for the first time today. it was weird.

i was wondering if you have had any problems with itunes causing kernel panics when ripping cds?? i have ever since i installed panther on it.

much thanks again

have you run the system software updater lately?

try upgrading to iTunes 4.5

yup done all of that stuff. it is really weird??? i should probably just call apple about it but my fear of telephones gets in the way.


does your ibook fall under the Logic board repair program?


yup i have already had that problem. it sucked, luckily i now have applecare so they will have to fix it for the next 2 years.


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