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What you crackulatin on?

Errands to run. Check.
Phone Calls. Check.
E-mails. Sent.
Except one. How is it there's an undo fuction in every other program except Explorer? I wrote a four page e-mail, i mean super long, and while i was proof reading (those who know me know of my inability to spell) i was tapping along to a song and hit the esc button which erased the entire e-mail.. gag me with a mutha-fawkin spoon. i sat in utter disbelief at the blank screen in front of me. For fucks sake, this is why we can't have nice things, what do you do in a moment like that, cry, weep, curse....laugh at yourself for being such a 'tard. All of the above i guess. so any way, that happened. beyond that, i got nothin.



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