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(no subject)
You'd think that with all the time i spend in bars
that when i was home
the pub would be the last place i would want to hang out
thats not the case
i'm a bar baby
through and through
and even though
i don't drink that much
i just feel better when i'm in a good bar

i'm on antibiotics
so no drinking

and the doctor also told me that
i should stay out of bars
because the smoke is
causing my allergies to go into
so no hanging out in the bar


where am i going to shoot photos like this one at?

Henry Rollins - * - Tough Guys Talk Dirty - * - Sweatbox (Disc 1)

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but arent the bars smoke free? ;)

(i miss that, chicago is like one big smoke cloud)

not the ones i go to
santa cruz bars are all

i love seeing pictures like that. reminds me of what fun life is suppose to be!

yeah, that was a fun night
i forget sometimes
that i'm pretty darn lucky
both in life and photography
if emily hadn't flashed her camera
at just the right second
that shot would have sucked
but it didn't
and i got lucky
(if, like han solo,
you believe in that sort of thing)

One of my favorites! In fact, Emily must be responsible for the b/w bar smooch?

what's the b/w bar smooch?

did i miss that?

it all makes sense now

i'm a maroon.

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