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Drunk On Sunday

I think a good way to start any sunday is with a screwdriver... or three. The Rush Inn was the site, and the games became a blur as i vaguely remember ordering a drink that sounded nothing like the double he brought me. To say the least, the games were mere eye candy to the smokey and whiskey rich conversation at the Rush. I'm still getting used to the early start times of football games out here, it almost feels odd being in a bar and drinking before noon, perhaps my blue blood has been watered by well vodka and cheap kentucky bourbon, and the barstool somehow feels like the missing DNA in this otherwise defective strand, or maybe that's just the combination of too much caffeine and alcohol.

This day has been an interesting departure for me. Drinking before noon, a mid-day trip to the Mystery Spot, a movie (Igby Goes Down) by myself, and an hour spent wandering around snapping pictures. I'm still a little out of it, perhaps that's the effect of the spider bite i have on my leg, i definitely can feel the venom in my bloodstream. But it's not turning black (the bite) and i'm a bit of a hypochondriac, so i'll just going to let it be.

I just fixed the type-writer i found at the flea-market. The kid buys a brand new computer only to get excited over finding a typewriter, go figure. Perhaps i'll begin my work on the great American novel i've always been meaning to write. I would guess that if you're going to fail at something, attempting the novel is as noble crusade as any. At this point i'm fully medicated, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

In the morning: there are phone calls to be made, laundry to be washed, and ideas to be espoused. If only i could return to this space anytime i wanted, no book would ever go unread and no page would be left without ink.

You know, things would be better if i didn't think so damn much.



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