Not Romantic, Fauxmantic (strawberryviper) wrote,
Not Romantic, Fauxmantic

getting better

I've been sick ever since i got home
some kind of crazy sinus action
emily finally dragged me to the doctor
well, she took me at least
with the threat that if i didn't go she'd unleash
the wrath of Mia on me...
she can be very convincing.
so now i have some meds
10 days of antibiotics, yikes
looking at the calendar
that means no drinking for 10 days
which means no drunky for the
Cinco de Mustache party!!!!
for fucks sake
what have i been growing this beard for then!!
(FYI- cinco de mustache is a very special hipster holiday
in which during the previous month, guys grow out their
facial hair in preparation of shaving on the morning
of may 5th
there's even a song, it goes like this:

aye, aye, aye aye
cinco de mustache
the kids that are hip
they grow hair on their lip
they throw down their razor
and don't give a shit
they grow
and grow
and grow
so let your mustache show
(then you have to shout like hulk hogan)

see, fun.

now no drinky for kitty.
but I'm going to the party anyway
and I'm going to have my mustache
in full effect
and i'll have on my gold lame' boxers
and mullet wig
(i take this holiday seriously)
i'll post lots of pics to.

in the meantime
blowing out blood clot snot rockets sucks
so it's bed-rest and meds for me today
whoa, I'm a real hoot



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